Angel investment can lead to great success

Apply for Angel Funding

There are various ways to apply for Halo, depending on who you are:

  1. Company interested in investment
  2. Individual considering becoming an angel
  3. Potential partner organization interested in the Halo dealflow
  4. Professional organisation wishing to be involved

Apply to be a Member

Halo welcomes potential angels and funding partners to apply to join Halo. The process is essentially the same for both. We require the application form to be filled in online along with a small amount of documentation. We then review your application and will notify you if you’ve been accepted.

There are two forms of Halo membership. All members of Halo receive notification of the Halo deal flow via the Halo Brief system. We call these Registered Members and there is no cost to any suitable person or organisation, regardless of geography, to be a Registered Member. However documentation such as forms certifying High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor status must be renewed annually.

Many NI-based investors are also Halo Attending Members, which means they are invited to all of the Halo meetings run in NI. There is significant value in the networking involved and there is a relatively small cost for this form of membership. This is £200+VAT pa provided payment is by direct debit. Payment by other means incurs a £20 surcharge.

Attending membership is free for individual investors for an initial period so that they can evaluate Halo for themselves. This period is for three opportunities to attend Halo meetings in NI.

Halo Attending Membership for NI-based venture capital companies costs £300+VAT pa as this provides the ability to bring a larger team to the meetings. VCs based outside NI pay half of this cost.

Apply to Pitch

If you are interested in pitching at Halo, via the Halo Brief or at a pitching event in NI or London, we will need you to fill in an application form. From this, we will be able to assess whether it’s right for our investor base. Remember, our audience are interested in much more than just tech and start-ups so don’t let that put you off applying.

We at Halo will work with your company before doing the Halo Brief or pitch, including preparation of documentation and pitching assistance so you are giving yourself the best chance of raising finance.

There are no fees attached to pitching at Halo or successfully raising finance through the network. This means that we are on the side of the entrepreneur.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Paul Clancy on T: +44(0)28 9073 7815