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Angel investment can transform your company

Halo investors, both angels and funding partners, have put over £11m of their own money into NI companies - across a range of sectors and stages of development.

Angel investment can transform your company. In the best case you will not just get funded, but you will also bring some well connected, experienced investors into your company who can provide a lot more than just money.

To be clear, angels invest for shares. This is very different from going to the bank for a loan, you need to be comfortable with bringing other people into your business for the medium to long term and for them to be shareholders who will want to be kept up to date with progress and problems.

The upside of this is growth, both from the funds and also the boost of the connections and strategic experience of your new investors.

The core of the Halo Angel PLUS Network is a group of over 150 angels mostly based in Northern Ireland, but with a substantial number in London and elsewhere. However Halo amplifies this group by having excellent partnerships and relations with a wide variety of angel organisations, private angel groups, fund managers, crowdfunding platforms and family offices in London, Scotland and elsewhere. The result is a much wider range of potential funding options for your company.

As a not for profit, Halo is more concerned with getting good companies funded and much less about the exact route chosen. Halo’s role is to know where the money is and to have a good, trusted relationship which helps the introductions it makes.

In the age of crowdfunding, Halo operates at speed. Gone are the days when your company has to wait for a physical meeting of angels before the funding process can begin. After initial vetting, training and rehearsal, your 90 second elevator pitch can be in front of the growing Halo network within days. This is the Halo Brief and is delivered via secure e-mail to our registered investors.

Because they know it is so quick to view, busy investors will view the Brief. Where interest is generated, they have a number of options to find out more including a 1 page summary, slide deck, your business plan and the Halo interview.

This is a 10 minute pre-recorded interview driven by our staff, angels and partners and it is designed to ask the questions which the angels/investors would have asked if they’d been present.

We’re not trying to catch you out here, but instead provide investors with the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

This leads to a follow up meeting with interested investors, some present and others by Skype which is where the real work is done.

It’s rapid, it’s efficient for both investors and companies and it works.

Companies may also get the opportunity to pitch to the larger face to face meetings in NI or London to increase their chances of funding, especially for follow on rounds.

Approximately one in five companies pitching at Halo achieve their funding. This averages at £200k of angel funding within an average round of £400k.

Halo also runs a Halo fund which allows busy angels to invest as a group. This sometimes is used to complete rounds which are near to their funding target.

Halo is not restricted to assisting technical companies or start-ups. It can and does work with companies in almost any area except for property, land or shops. Halo angels have supported companies making car seats, sports equipment, baby products and even a film – which won an Oscar!

Halo does however largely concentrate on companies based in NI or with a significant presence in NI. It can support UK companies outside NI and Irish companies provided they are introduced to Halo by a trusted partner.

Companies can apply at any stage. If Halo considers the company to be not ready for any of a variety of reasons, we may helpfully redirect you to other options. Nor is Halo restricted to just start-ups. It is not unusual to see companies who are established but now need to grow. The longest running company to receive Halo funding was in business for over 140 years!

In the end angel funding is about growth potential. If your company, at whatever stage, has this potential, then this is an option to be considered.

The first stage for any company considering Halo is to fill in the short application form and to meet the Halo team – invariably over a coffee.

Halo Experience

Companies may also get the opportunity to pitch to the larger face to face meetings in NI or London to increase their chances of funding, especially for follow on rounds.